Exclusive interview with Le Rouge Français

Ahead of this October's much anticipated Pigment and Colour Science Forum, we spoke to Elodie Carpetier, Co-Founder of Le Rouge Fran├žais.

Elodie will be presenting as part of the much-anticipated Sustainabilty session on the first day of the conference, so we wanted to get her insights into what she thinks are the biggest challenges impacting the pigments sector, what the most interesting innovations in the market are right now, and more.

Please could you give us a sneak peek of what people will hear about in your presentation?

This talk will delve into the patented GreenTech processes and formulations with vegetal pigments and titanium dioxide alternatives developed by Le Rouge Fran├žais which has made them the first vegetal colour makeup brand of the market with a luxury range of organic and vegan certified make-up products made with the purest ingredients available.


What do you think the biggest challenge will be for the pigments sector in the coming 5 years?

99% of the pigment industry is coming from non sustainable, non ethical sourcing. Petrochemical, Mica, titanium dioxide now shows huge controversial aspects. The main challenge is to show the path by using sustainable vegetal sources and bring to the market repeatable, robust and affordable process to mastering vegetal colouring. With climate change, natural disaster coming and ingredients sourcing shortage, we must re-invent ourselves with breakthrough innovation that respects the planet and which are inspired by our ancestral know-how.

Net zero is now not enough and we must implement positive regenerative actions, work with the field and the vegetal farming. It is not time of sustainable or circular economy anymore, we now speak and action for regenerative economy.

What is your biggest driver as a business today?

Each product we sell we sequestrate more than 80kg of C02 per year and per product.

Working with the vegetal, with natural harmony and ancestral culture is a common mission that makes the difference for humans but also for the planet.

We are selling make-up products that sublimate skin with color & biological properties. With our luxury positioning and each choice we made during our internal R&D, we are showing that we can develop products without compromise on desirability, health and sustainability.

What do you see as some of the most interesting innovations in the market right now?

Innovation that respects the planet, soil regeneration and biodiversity are the innovations where we need to go.

Work in close relationship with vegetal totem, green technologies, biodiversity preservation, organic and vegan labels, ethical environment are the way and area where we need now to develop innovation and re-invent ourselves.

What are you most looking forward to at Pigment and Colour Science 2022?

Thinking out of the box, interaction and collaborative work, partners and inspiration.

Why do you think delegates should attend?

A marvellous, international environment with experts coming from all over the world to share their knowledge and inspire the new generation of products, brands and all the colour industry.