Exclusive interview with Schlenk Metallic Pigments on ultra-thin and metal effect pigments

Ahead of this October's much-anticipated Pigment and Colour Science Forum 2017, we spoke with Adalbert Huber, Vice President R&D at Schlenk Metallic Pigments, on metal effect pigments, ultra-thin effect pigments and more.

1. Metal effect pigments are a growing trend across the pigment and colour industry, how does the Pigment & Colour Science Forum keep you updated with the current market?

This forum is focused on pigments and therefore I get comprehensive knowledge of what's going on in this field. It also gives me the opportunity to meet the leading experts in the pigment and colour industry, as well as researchers from universities.

2. Your presentation will focus on new ultra-thin effect pigments. What are the challenges that you have experienced manufacturing these and what can attendees hope to learn from your presentation?

The new ultra-thin effect pigments represent a novel technology approach to pearlescent pigments. They close a major technical gap in the red and yellow colour range. It will be shown how the technology works and what the benefits for the user of these pigments are.

3. Why should colour producing/using markets attend the Pigment and Colour Science Forum?

To learn about new pigments and their applications, as well as to get a better understanding of the physics and chemistry of pigments. Also the trends in market and technology. 

Aldabert will be presenting as part of the 'Pigment Properties - Enhancing Performance' session this October. Other speakers in the session include Bühler and UTIA.

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