Exclusive interview with Oriflame on current consumer trends in the colour cosmetics industry, natural ingredients and more

Ahead of this October's much-anticipated Pigment and Colour Science Forum 2017, we spoke with Clara le Berre, Senior Technology Chemist - Colour Cosmetics at Oriflame, about current consumer trends in the colour cosmetics industry, the challenges and opportunities of working with natural ingredients and more.

Q1. Can you give us some insight on current consumer trends in the colour cosmetic market?

The colour cosmetics category is mostly being driven by trends rather than innovation. In recent years, the main trends in the colour cosmetic market are luxurious metallic cosmetic, no make-up, make-up look using brightening, illuminating and colour correcting technology and also shade transformation and ethical positioning.

Q2. What are some of the main challenges and opportunities of formulating make-up with natural ingredients?

The main challenges in the formulation of the natural ingredient is to develop products that meet the demand without compromising on efficacy and at a reasonable cost. In the case of the natural pigment, the coverage and the shade range will be one of the main limitation. The regulations on pigments make it difficult to create new ones so it’s about playing around with the existing approved pigments. The formulation of natural ingredients also mean potential raw material variation from batch to batch and limitation regarding texture innovation. However, by using natural ingredients it improves the sustainable approach and ethical positioning of the brand. Natural is perceived by the consumers as being safer and more efficient, which makes natural cosmetic a mainstream for most categories and not niche anymore.

Q3. Are there any other industries you can develop colour inspiration from? What are you most looking forward to seeing/hearing at Pigment & Colour Science Forum?

The main industries that can be a source of inspiration will be the Food industry, Car industry, Paint industry, Packaging, and Fashion industry. The Pigment & Colour Science Forum is a great opportunity to have an overview of the market innovation in pigment and colour science and get some inspiration from the other industries. 

Q4. Why is this conference important for pigment and colour producing/using markets? 

This event is key to meet the right people, to share our challenges and expertise, and increase networking. It also inspires each other, keep up to date on what’s happening and what's next.

Clara will be presenting on 'Natural Pigments in Lipsticks' part of the 'Novel Opportunities across the Value Chain' session at the conference this October. Other presenters in the session include Chromaflo and Silberline.

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