Download your free copy of RD Titan Group's article on 'White TiO2 Pigments: Is a new revolution possible?'

Ahead of their presentation at the TiO2 World Summit 2017, RD Titan Group have shared an article on a new revolution in white TiO2 pigments.

The article covers the three TiO2 revolutions in the 20th century; the first at the beginning of the 20th century, the second in 1939 and the third in the 1940s, and then goes on to discuss the potential fourth industrial revoluation - the innovative TiO2 process (or i-TiO2 process for short).

RD Titan Group are preparing to start a 3 year-program for the development of this i-TiO2 process with the main features including decomposition of titanium-containing raw materials, production of TiO2 and increasing the durability of TiO2 without loss of key pigment properties.

You can download your free copy of the article below.

RD Titan Group will be presenting at the TiO2 World Summit this October as part of the 'Cutting-Edge Process Developments' session. The TiO2 World Summit is also co-located with the Pigment & Colour Science Forum so one ticket will provide you with full access to both. You can book your ticket here.