Sun Chemical Shares Challenges and Best Innovations within Pigments and TiO2

Michael T. Venturini, Global Marketing Manager, Coatings at Sun Chemical Performance Pigments recently shared his thoughts on challenges he sees and some of the best innovations coming to the market within the pigment and TiO2 industry. 

Smithers Rapra: Why is the Pigment and Color Science Forum and TiO2 World Summit so important to the industry? 

Venturini: The world summit is important because it brings so many industry experts together in real time to discuss events and issues that directly affect our industry. It offers an opportunity to influence and be influenced by key people in our industry. 


Smithers Rapra: What do you see as the biggest challenges facing the Pigment and TiO2 industries, right now? 

Venturini:  Some of the biggest challenges facing the pigment industry include: overcapacity in certain pigment indexes (especially in light of slower growth in key markets), changing regional regulations, downward pressure on color pigments from increasing electronic media, currency fluctuations, and rapid emotional responses to news events. These challenges combine in new ways that require suppliers to respond quickly to remain competitive.


Smithers Rapra:  What are some of the best innovations or research going on in the industry, right now? 

Venturini:  Some of the most interesting activity in the pigments industry is around environmentally responsible manufacturing processes. Segments of the consumer market are clearly keyed in on sustainable responsible products. It’s interesting to see how the trend is moving upstream to basic chemicals and processes where the impact can be very significant. The environmental movement is making significant strides.


Smithers Rapra:  What are you most looking forward to hearing at the conference, this fall, in Cleveland?

Venturini:  Since Sun Chemical is connected to so many industries, there are several topics that are important to our business. The Pigment Summit is unique in that it covers a broad range of pigments and industry topics.