Exclusive interview with Estee Lauder

Tara Ocenar, Manager of Product Development and Innovations and Ji Hyun Lee, Product Development and Innovations Specialist at  Estee Lauder Group and a  presenter at this year's co-located Pigment & Color Science Forum and TiO2 World Summit 2016, gave us a sneak peek of their presentation, Color Trend Forecast: the Millennial Edition. 

Smithers Rapra: What do you see as the biggest/unique color trends,  heading into the next year?

Ji Hyun Lee: Highlight, Highlight, Highlight: Powder and Emulsion formulations using fine particle pearl with good reflection qualities…we are seeing expansion from the normal gold/tan shades.  Some have a mermaid feel about them, created with pearls that have a wide range of colour travel.  We have been noticing unusual shades like mint and lavender being applied on the skin for that “frosty” effect as well,  for an obvious hit of highlight to complete a look.

Smithers Rapra: What are some of the best innovations, and/or collaborations, going on in the industry, right now?

Ji Hyun Lee: Any  formula innovation that creates a surprise for the consumer to draw them in.  For example powders infused with beneficial oils, wax products that incorporate water, formulas that are typically known to be drying with moisturizing claimscolour change when applied to skin.  This trend has further evolved in Asia by adding claims for immediate temperature drop/protection against pollution, given that extreme humidity and environmental aggressors are the number one concern among Asian consumers.  

The social media world has an ever growing impact on the cosmetic industry, any collaborations done with top beauty bloggers are selling out!

Smithers Rapra: What are some of the largest challenges currently facing the cosmetic industry?   

Ji Hyun Lee: Regulations on pigments!!!  Consumers are looking for multi-use products that also have a full range of shades!  We cannot change regulations but if we could have a cleaner more vibrant red for the eye area or a Yellow 10 with no restrictions consumers would be happy!

Smithers Rapra: What are you most looking forward to hearing at the conference, this fall, in Cleveland?

Ji Hyun Lee: The Pigment and Colour Science Forum 2016 is such a rare opportunity to see and hear about how pigments are being used by experts in so many different industries- from paints and plastics to cosmetics. We are looking forward to hearing all the different perspectives!