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Shanghai Yipin Pigments Co., the predecessor of which was the Shanghai iron oxide pigment factory founded in 1931, has 87 years of history. It is a founding member of the Chinese Iron Oxide Pigment Industrial Association and our General Manager Mr. Fujun Gao is the current President to the association.

Shanghai Yipin Pigments Co. Ltd. is an ISO-9001 quality assurance and ISO 14001 environment certified company. We ensure our worldwide customers receive consistent, quality-controlled pigments that meet the highest international standards for all product applications. Yipin Pigments is a high-tech enterprise headquartered in the city of Shanghai. It is committed to promoting technological advanced progress of iron oxide pigment to the world industries.

Yipin Colorant is a division of Shanghai Yipin Pigments Co.Ltd which supplies safe pigments. It is committed to providing tailor made color solutions to the global pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics industries and enhancing customer value by the professional research.

With many years of research and analysis process, we understand the production technology and testing methods of the security pigments. Now we can provide professional service in the field of security pigment.

Dedicated to unique pigments technology and providing professional service to our customers, we welcome the opportunity to service your pigment needs.

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