Advanced Materials JTJ

Pigments/TiO2 2019 Sponsors & Exhibitors

 Created in 2003, Advanced Materials-JTJ, Ltd is an innovative firm and a recognized leader in nanotechnology and transferring cutting edge science into daily life.  Advanced Materials-JTJ has been selected as one of the 2019 European Business Awards - 'Ones to Watch' for Czech Republic, while previously it won a ‘National  Champion’ status for the Czech Republic in Innovation Category in 2016.

All Advanced Material’s technologies, innovations, products and services protect human health and the environment. Especially the titanium dioxide FN NANO® photocatalytic coating technology improves the quality of life setting a new standard for many industries.  The nano TiO2 based coating technology has been included in the Innovation Strategy of the Czech Republic 2019-2030.  Advanced Materials-JTJ also has developed a complementary manufacturing process to produce TiO2 nano particles in USP quality at less than a half the price of all competitors, allowing exceptional market potential, high value added and usefulness of FN NANO photocatalytic products around the globe.

Our products expand the boundaries of current options for environmental protection and energy production.

In a polluted city, 15 m2 of a painted wall by the world's strongest TiO2 coating for air cleaning and environmental remediation will compensate the environmental impact of one diesel or three gasoline cars. Visit our booth at TiO2 Summit 2019 in Berlin or contact us in Prague for more information.