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The 2023 program will be announced soon! In the meantime, check out the 2022 program, which featured speakers from IKEA of Sweden, SunChemical, Jaguar Land Rover Design, SCHLENK Metallic Pigments GmbH, FP-Pigments Oy, Sensient Beauty, PILI, and many more!
Lotta Noremark - IKEA of Sweden

Lotta Noremark

Range & Product Design Leader at IKEA of Sweden
Francois Farion - Renault

Francois Farion

Design Director, Color & Trim at Renault
Paola Andrea Sanchez Cely - Sensient Beauty

Paola Andrea Sanchez Cely

Color Innovation Manager at Sensient Beauty
Brian Jester PhD - CSO Synovance

Brian Jester PhD

CEO at CSO Synovance
Elodie Carpentier - Le Rouge Français

Elodie Carpentier

Co-Founder at Le Rouge Français
Britta Seibel - SunChemical

Britta Seibel

Development Inorganic Pigments, Color Materials at SunChemical
Amy Frascella - Jaguar Land Rover Design

Amy Frascella

Materiality Director at Jaguar Land Rover Design
Aziza Gazieva - Fermium Research

Aziza Gazieva

Vice President at Fermium Research
Jeremie Blache - PILI

Jeremie Blache

Sophie Vaud - Colorifix Ltd

Sophie Vaud

Head of Microbial Engineering at Colorifix Ltd
Paul Dietz - FP-Pigments Oy

Paul Dietz

Group Technical Director at FP-Pigments Oy
Prof. Dr. Sylvia C. Pont - Delft University of Technology

Prof. Dr. Sylvia C. Pont

Perceptual Intelligence Lab, Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology
Stephen Carter - Jaguar Land Rover Design

Stephen Carter

JLR Exterior Paint Programmes Director at Jaguar Land Rover Design
David Lockley - TDMA Scientific Committee

David Lockley

Chair at TDMA Scientific Committee
Reg Adams - Artikol

Reg Adams

Chief Executive at Artikol
Dr. Frank J. Maile - SCHLENK Metallic Pigments GmbH

Dr. Frank J. Maile

Global Technical Director at SCHLENK Metallic Pigments GmbH
Andrew Thompson - Ronald Britton Ltd

Andrew Thompson

Technical Director at Ronald Britton Ltd