Advisory Board

We are pleased to introduce the industry representatives who are lending their experience and expertise in the industrial pigments and color sciences sectors to help design the program for this year's event.
Lisa Clapp - Sun Chemical

Lisa Clapp

Vice President of Colors Technology at Sun Chemical
Dr. Andrew E. Smith - AErnest.Consultech

Dr. Andrew E. Smith

Founder & President at AErnest.Consultech
Dr Trevor S B Sayer - Expertas Global

Dr Trevor S B Sayer

Managing Director at Expertas Global
Dr. Christopher Seubert - Ford Research and Innovation Center

Dr. Christopher Seubert

Research Engineer at Ford Research and Innovation Center
Bill Eibon - Adawe Material Science LTD

Bill Eibon

Founder, Chief Scientist at Adawe Material Science LTD
Alison Norris - PPG

Alison Norris

Senior Group Leader at PPG
Dr. Frank J. Maile - SCHLENK Metallic Pigments GmbH

Dr. Frank J. Maile

Global Technical Director at SCHLENK Metallic Pigments GmbH
Paul Czornij - BASF

Paul Czornij

Head of Design North America at BASF