2017 Industry Expert Speakers

Meet the industry experts who spoke at the Pigment & Color Science Forum 2017: 

  • Reg Adams

    Chief Executive Artikol

    After graduating in Chemistry & Economics from Birmingham University, Reg Adams began his career at Amalgamated Metal and was later seconded to English China Clays (now Imerys), where he wrote his MBA thesis on company growth. At British Sulphur (now CRU) during the 1970s, he edited a range of publications on industrial chemicals and fertiliser raw materials. His first book Titanium & Titanium Dioxide (ISBN 0903199793) was published by Financial Times Business Books in May 1984. His seventh and most recent book Titanium Minerals: Global Industry, Market & Outlook (ISBN 9781910922088) was published by Roskill in August 2016. Reg Adams has also been retained as an expert witness in matters of commercial litigation or investment scrutiny and he has been commissioned as a speaker at more than 60 international conferences, including each of the TiO2 conferences hosted by Smithers (and predecessor companies) since 1992. He has also chaired a number of conference sessions. His company - Artikol (founded in 1977) - specialises in market intelligence and publishing on mining and chemicals. Drawing on Artikol’s extensive information database, Reg Adams compiles and edits the monthly bulletin Focus on Pigments and the quarterly TiO2 Worldwide Update. For further details, see http://www.artikol.com.

    • United Kingdom
  • James Barrell

    Product Line Manager A.Schulman

    James Barrell is a Product Line Manager for Custom Services & Concentrates at A.Schulman EMEA.

    James has worked for A.Schulman for 22 years in various R&D, Product Development and Technical Service positions for colour and other speciality masterbatch products and applications.  Before joining A.Schulman, James spent 4yrs at Cabot Plastics as an Analytical Chemist and in R&D / Product Development roles.  James has gained a wide experience in the development and application of masterbatch products for various markets.  James holds a Bachelor of Science honours degree in Chemistry from Kings College London, graduating in 1991.

  • Alfredo Blasco Navarro


    Physics by the University of Valencia. Founding Partner and CEO of Dirac S.A until 2002. It was one of the pioneering computer companies in Spain, introduced in Spain brands such as Seikosha and Kyocera.

    Founding Partner and CEO of the company Digital Cameras SL until 2008, a company dedicated to promotional electronics.

    Since 2008 he is Founding Partner and CEO of LEDYSPA S.L. (AS de LED.COM ®  brand), company dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of all type of solutions of illumination with LED, in addition to devices for measuring and analyzing spectrophotometry.

    Alfredo belongs to several associations as the Association AvalBit (Bitcoin association and other technologies) and Association of Directors and Executives of Aragón (ADEA), of which AS of LED.COM ® is partner-collaborator, making diverse presentations on the lighting, biology and well-being (Human Centric Lighting)

  • Lisa Clapp

    Vice President of Colors Technology Sun Chemical

    Lisa Clapp is the Vice President of Colors Technology at Sun Chemical Corporation with responsibility for research and development of pigments and pigment preparations.  Lisa did her undergraduate work in chemistry at Ball State University and received her Master’s of Science degree in Physical Chemistry from the University of North Carolina.   

    Lisa has worked for Sun Chemical for 21 years.  At Sun Chemical, she has held numerous positions, including physical chemist, group leader, Six Sigma Black Belt, Design for Six Sigma Leader, and project manager covering a wide range of Sun Chemical pigment and preparation products.

  • Aurélie Creuzé-Morel

    Senior R&D Manager Sensient Cosmetic Technologies

    Aurélie Morel graduated with a Master’s degree in Chemistry in 2000 and in Physico-chemistry in 2001, and obtained a PhD in Material Sciences in 2004.

    She started her career at BASF in the field of emulsion polymerization. She worked then at Oleon (Avril Group) as collaborative innovation projects manager. Since 2016, she is working at Sensient Cosmetic Technologies as Senior R&D Manager.

  • Bill Eibon

    Director - Global Color Technology Platform PPG

    Education - B.S. Chemistry Baldwin Wallace College, Berea, Ohio. Began coatings career at PPG Industries in 1986 color matching metallic automotive paints and developing color master panels. Four years developing & commercializing first waterborne automotive basecoat system at PPG.

    Eight years’ experience in Operations leading teams in Project management, Civil, Mechanical & Chemical Engineering, advanced equipment prototyping, and waterborne basecoat production. Four years as Global Manager, Waterborne Basecoat Technology. Responsible for New Product Development Process for waterborne coatings, polymers and intermediates.

    Three years as Global Director Technology Transfer for PKAF LLC a joint venture between PPG Industries, Inc. and Kansai Paints LLC. December 2006 to present as Director, Global Color Technology Platform for Automotive OEM.  Responsibilities include pigment design & evaluation, tint paste development & commercialization, instrumental color & machine learning, computer generated imaging and new color styling.

    In 2011, Bill also assumed the position of Director-Global Technical Processes. As part of this new position, he is responsible for technical specifications, technology transfer and processing parameters for raw materials, resins, intermediates and finished good products. December 2015, Assumed position Director, Technology Acquisition.  Focusing on material science, pre-commercial R&D and external collaboration.

    • USA
  • Jiri Filip

    Research Fellow UTIA - Institute of Information Theory and Automation of the CAS

    Jiri Filip received the MSc in 2002 and PhD in 2006, both in cybernetics from the Czech Technical University in Prague. Since 2002 he is a researcher at the Institute of Information Theory and Automation (UTIA) at the Czech Academy of Sciences. Between 2007-2009 he was research fellow at School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. As the recipient of the Marie-Curie Intra-European Fellowship (2007-2009) he studied human visual perception of material appearance. In 2010, 2011 he received awards of the Czech Academy of Sciences. In his work he combines methods of image processing, computer graphics, and visual psychophysics. His current research is focused on precise measurement, analysis, and modelling of material appearance and on development of novel measurement approaches.

  • Roland W. Fleming

    Kurt Koffka Professor of Experimental Psychology University of Giessen

    Roland Fleming is an interdisciplinary researcher specializing in the visual perception of materials, illumination and 3D shape.  He did his undergraduate degree in Psychology, Philosophy and Physiology at Oxford University, graduating with First Class Honours in 1999, and completed his PhD in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT in 2004.  He then served as a project leader at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics in Tübingen.  

    In 2010 he joined Giessen University as a junior professor. Since 2016, has been the Kurt Koffka Professor of Experimental Psychology.  His research combines psychophysics, neural modelling, computer graphics and image analysis to understand how the brain estimates the physical properties of objects.  He has conducted a wide variety of studies on the perception of material properties such as glossiness, translucency, and viscosity and has applied insights from this work to the development of computer graphics algorithms for simulating material appearances.

    Roland Fleming has served as joint Editor-In-Chief of ACM Transactions on Applied Perception, an interdisciplinary journal dedicated to using perception to advance computer graphics and other fields.  In 2012 he was awarded the Faculty Research Prize from the University of Giessen and in 2013 he was awarded the Young Investigator Award by the Vision Sciences Society.  In 2016 was awarded an ERC Consolidator Award for the project “SHAPE: On the perception of growth, form and process”.

  • Pierfrancesco Fois

    Deputy Executive Director ETAD

    Pierfrancesco Fois was born in Italy in 1969, where he completed his Master degree in Organic Chemistry in 1995.

    He continued to do research work in Italy until 1997, when he went abroad and first worked at the University of Ulm in Germany, then moved to Zurich, where he obtained his PhD in Organic Chemistry at the University in 2003.

    After having worked as a chemistry teacher he started in 2005 at ETAD (the Ecological and Toxicological Association of Dyes and Organic Pigments Manufacturers) as Responsible for Research and Documentation. He is now Deputy Executive Director of the association.

    The main focus of his activities is the collection, evaluation and distribution of all information on the eco/toxicological properties of colorants in all colorant applications. This information is the basis of the communication with ETAD’s members, with other associations and with national as well as international authorities. He represents ETAD’s international group of responsible companies and their common goal to use up-to-date, sound scientific knowledge to improve continuously the safety of colorants for workers and consumers.

  • Kirsten Fritsche

    Director Technology Application Network Merck

    Kirsten Fritsche studied Chemistry and received her PhD from the University in Braunschweig in 1989. She started her professional career in 1989 with BASF Coatings, where she was responsible for basecoat development and later for quality control of basecoats.

    Since 1999 she is working at Merck in the field of pigment evaluation in coatings. Today Kirsten Fritsche is responsible at Merck for the Application Technology and Technical Customer Service Coatings within the Business Unit “Pigments and Functional Materials”

  • Colin Godefroy

    International Raw Material Manager L’Oréal Research and Innovation

    After a MSc in biotechnology from Compiègne University of Technology (France) and KAIST (Korea), I started working in the food industry in Japan, then joined L’Oréal Research 10 years ago. I first held formulation positions in make-up and skincare, before moving on to the raw materials department, where my playground is Open Innovation in color and photoprotection.

    I am passionate about color ingredients and the richness of the cosmetic world in terms of needs, cultures, scientific problematics and technologies. I am thrilled to live the present time, when the color cosmetic market is booming while our industry undergoes deep transformations through consumers and competition change of model, going towards clean, natural and sustainable beauty.

  • Adalbert Huber

    Vice President R&D

    Dr. Adalbert Huber received his degree in chemistry and PhD from the University Of Stuttgart, Germany.

    He started at Degussa in 1988 as a research chemist for printing inks.

    Since 1990 he worked in leading positions in application technology for automotive glass decoration and ceramic decoration with precious metal and high temperature pigments.

    He joined Merck KGaA in 1997 as head of application technology for pearlescent pigments. Later he was responsible for the Business field Coatings.

    During this time various new pigment families have been launched, positioning the BF as a leading global supplier. Also the handling of the Force Majeur situation,due to supply shortage of Xirallic after the big earthquake in Japan was within his responsibility.  

    He joined Schlenk in 2014 as Head of R&D, where he focused the research on the combination of metal and pearlescent effect pigments.

    Adalbert Huber holds various patents in the field of pigments and is currently member of the board of the Forschungsgesellschaft Pigment und Lacke.

  • Norbert Kern

    Head of Product Management & Process Engineering Bühler AG

    Norbert Kern is as Head of Process Engineering in Buhler Grinding and Dispersing Technologies (GD) Business Unit responsible for worldwide Process Engineering and Product Management.

    Norbert joined Buhler after graduating at Zurich University in Winterthur as process engineer in 2001. He started as a process technologist in the central Grinding and Dispersing laboratory in Switzerland. The development of different continuous flushing processes for the printing ink industry was one of his main task from 2001 to 2005. Later he took over the responsibility of building up a local competence center for Grinding and Dispersing in Japan, this included establishing the first RADEC (Regional Application, Development and Education Center) for the Business Unit in Yokohama.

    From 2006 to 2010, he was also partially responsible for Sales in the Region North America and Middle East. From 2010 to 2015, he took over the worldwide responsibility of Process Engineering and since two years as well the responsibility of Product Management.

  • Jason Kuhla

    Manager, Technical Service and Product Applications Silberline

    Jason Kuhla is currently Manager, Technical Service and Product Applications at Silberline.  He has served in this role since 2015.  Prior to his current role, Jason was Technical Service Rep, Automotive Coatings, and has had various responsibilities in the Product Development, Quality Control and Manufacturing segments at Silberline over his 18 year career.  Jason has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  Jason and his family currently reside in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania.

  • Clara Le Berre

    Senior Technology Chemist, Colour Cosmetics Oriflame

    Clara Le Berre is Senior Technology chemist at Oriflame - Ireland. She graduated of ISIPCA– France in 2011.

    For the past 5 years, she has held a variety of product development and formulation roles in colour cosmetic with a specific focus on new technologies and new formats.

    Clara gained expertise in foundation, hot poured, natural colour cosmetics and in formulating sun filters before recently starting working on the inclusion of active in skincare product.

    • United Kingdom
  • Javier Morcillo Ruiz

    Coatings Industry Manager BASF

    Javier Morcillo Ruiz, Senior Technical Marketing Manager for Automotive Pigments, has been active in the pigments and coatings industry since 2000. 

    He started his carrier in R&D of various paint layers for interior and exterior automotive plastic components.  Since 2006 has various positions within the BASF group focusing on colorimetric, color formulation software, color analysis and pigment selection.  He joins us from BASF Colors & Effects located in Ludwigshafen, Germany.

  • Philippe Reutenauer

    Additives, Colorants, Barriers & Differentiation Manager Danone

    I like to tell people I have a superpower: I can see the world at the level of molecules. And I am lucky my job is to use that superpower to look after what is happening within Danone’s packaging.  You should think of me as a translator between chemistry world and packaging world.

    My employment history is as follows:

    Danone, Evian, France, 2016 to present. Additives, Colorants, Barriers & Differentiation Manager within Danone’s Plastic Material Techno Center. Innovation and problem solving by understanding what is added to plastic to transform it into packaging attractive to consumers. This is done in multilateral conversations with various actors in plastic packaging production value chain. + Selection of HDPE for use in caps in Danone Waters.

    Danone, Evian, France, 2011 to 2016. Plastic raw material Manager within Danone Reaserch Packaging Center. Managing projects linked to 100 % biobased plastic for producing bottles for waters and beverages applications: 1) PEF via consortium with Avantium, Alpla and Coca-Cola, 2) scouting for 100% biobased PET leading to NatuALL, an alliance between Danone, Nestlé and Origin Material

    Cuisine Innovation, Dijon, France, 2008 to 2010. R&D Manager. Innovation in cooking by making molecular gastronomy accessible.

    ETH, Zürich, Switzerland, 2007. Post-doctoral fellow in the team of Pr. Diederich. Synthesis of a new class of polycyanoolefins.

    Institut de Sciences et Ingéniérie Supramoléculaire, Strasbourg, 2003 to 2006. PhD studies under the supervision of Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn (Nobel Laureate 1987). Dynamic combinatorial chemistry based on Diels-Alder reaction leading to room temperature self-healing polymers.

  • Nathalie Roy

    Colour, Material & Finishes Design Consultant BlackBerry (former)

    As a color, material and finishes designer (CMF), Nathalie Roy has worked with major companies such as Bombardier, BRP and Blackberry creating recognizable products trough a distinctive color and material strategy.

    From transportation to interior design, she integrates innovation and sustainability from concept to production with functionality, elegance and originality.

    She has received over a dozen international design awards including IDEA, IF and Red Dot Awards and given lectures on color, trends and new material technologies in Europe and North America.

  • Dr Trevor S B Sayer

    Managing Director Expertas Global

    Trevor obtained his Bachelor of Science and PhD degrees in Chemistry from the University of East Anglia & Cambridge in the U.K. He then carried out a 2 year Post Doctoral Fellowship in Synthetic Organic Chemistry at Georgia Tech. in Atlanta in the School of Chemistry.

    He joined I.C.I. as a synthetic organic chemist, developing novel dyes and pigments; then became New Business Development Manager, spearheading the development of a range of new speciality chemicals. Trevor then joined I.C.I. Paints to head up the Colour & Pigment Technology Group.

    As a Senior Research Chemist, Trevor had a strategic role developing new pigment dispersant technology relevant to the Decorative and Automotive Business Sectors. When I.C.I. Autocolor was purchased by PPG Industries in 1999, the team’s various achievements were recognised by becoming the Centre of Excellence for Dispersion Science for the global Refinish Coatings Business.

    In 2008, Trevor started his own business called Expertas Ltd, which expanded to Expertas Global in 2016. He now consults on colour and pigment dispersion technology with global corporate companies. More recently, Expertas has been carrying out research in the area of the psychology of colour and evaluating different tools to understand and predict the link between semantic perception scales and colour measurement methodology. This is an important growing area of research and Expertas intends to be at its leading edge in the future.

    Check out the article by Dr. Trevor Sayer on the activities in the colour and high performance pigment industry here >>

    • United Kingdom
  • Magnus Thörnqvist

    Lead Buyer Colorants A.Schulman

    Am currently Lead Buyer for color pigments in EMEA. Leading the strategic pigment evaluation as well. Both commercial and technical background. Been in the Masterbatch and color business since 1996 where have had various responsibilities in procurement, sourcing, laboratory, quality control and manufacturing segments over the years.

  • Jean-François Turgeon

    Executive Vice President Tronox

    Jean-François Turgeon serves as Executive Vice President since joining Tronox on January 1, 2014. He oversees the combined business operations of the company’s Mineral Sands and Pigment & Electrolytic Divisions.

    Turgeon brings decades of experience in leadership positions in the global titanium dioxide business.  He joined Tronox from the Rio Tinto Group, where he served for more than 24 years, most recently in London as managing director of its $3 billion iron and titanium division.  In that role, he had oversight over international TiO2 operations in Canada, South Africa, and Madagascar, and regional sales offices in the Americas, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and Asia and the Pacific.  Previously, he held several executive, mining operations, and chemical research engineering positions in Rio Tinto’s titanium dioxide business unit.

    Turgeon holds a Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering from Universite Laval in Quebec City and a master’s degree in hydrometallurgy from McGill University in Montreal.


    • USA
  • Ron van der Leeuw

    Sales Manager Thermosets - EMEA Chromaflo

    University Utrecht: Master's degree in Chemistry, graduated in 1999. Akzo Nobel: Coatings Engineer, various technical positions in Holland and Germany serving the EMEA market for decorative and industrial coatings. Chromaflo Technologies: Since 2013 (Technical) Sales Manager Thermosets EMEA

  • Ad van Oorschot

    International Sales Manager Specialties Black Bear Carbon

    After finishing his chemical education (HBO/BSc) he started working as a R&D chemist and applications laboratory group leader. Later in his career he also finished an executive MBA in strategic marketing/general management. Getting in contact with customers and the market he decided to give his career a commercial twist and since then he has been working at the edges of sales, marketing and technical service, including a position at Cabot as technical service manager. In these positions he also gained a lot of international carbon black experience. He has been working for over 35 years in ink & coating related industries.