Exclusive interview with Mazen K. Alnaimi, Chairman of the Board and CEO at Argex

Ahead of this October's much-anticipated TiO2 World Summit 2017 we spoke to Mazen K. Alnaimi, Chairman of the Board and CEO at Argex, about why it’s important for TiO2 producers to consider environmentally friendly production processes, Argex’s new strategies under their new leadership, their production methods and much more.

1. Why is it important for TiO2 producers to consider environmentally friendly production processes?

In 2017, we consider that producing TiO2 in a more environmentally friendly way is a competitive advantage. The Argex technology uses mild temperature and pressure, it has a saleable by-product used in water treatment facilities and its waste consists of inert, undigested ore material that can be used as landfill. Ever more stringent regulations of this industry around the world is forcing producers to upgrade their facilities or exit from the business.

2. Now that Argex is under new leadership, what are the strategies moving forward in terms of the commercial production of high grade TiO2?

The new management of Argex has extensive experience in building chemical plants and envisions commercialising its technology in Canada to serve nearby North American paint makers. We are also assessing our options with respect to both manufacturing and licensing of our process expertise. A global outlook is essential to the future of our business, and we will strategically evaluate proposed alternatives for our technology.

3. Your presentation will focus on the Argex production method of TiO2; can you talk us through a few advantages of this process?

The Argex technology process has three advantages compared to other TiO2 producers: it does not use severe temperature and pressure conditions, providing a lower capital and operating cost per metric tonne; it has flexibility to use various ore sources, further reducing its operating cost and it produces high quality TiO2 and a saleable by product for the water treatment industry with no toxic waste.

4. What knowledge are you hoping to gain from attending the TiO2 World Summit this October?

The new management of Argex looks forward to introducing its technology to the industry and meeting with clients, vendors and other stakeholders.

Mazen will be presenting as part of the ‘Cutting-Edge Process Developments‘ session this October. 

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